Energy Code Compliance Testing

2012 and 2015 IECC Energy Code Technical Support

Major changes to these new codes include:

  • Insulation level upgrades
  • Air Barrier Inspections
  • Thermal Bypass requirements
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Lighting Requirements
  • Mandated Performance testing (duct leakage and blower door)

Shore Property Inspections, LLC provides support services to assist Residential Home Builders and HVAC Contractors navigate energy code details and meet energy code compliance.

Support services include:
Compliance Reports and Documentation

  • Preliminary plan review and energy modeling to make sure the project meets code.
  • Supply a concise “punch list” of details and changes needed, if any, to meet code.
  • Pre-construction documentation to apply for the building permit. Such as REScheck as needed per jurisdiction.
  • Final documentation and Certificate label to comply with Section 401.3

On-site Technical Support:

  • During key phases of the construction meet with subcontractors to answer questions and provide technical support.
  • Inspections and testing including blower door testing, and HVAC duct testing.

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